4 Truths about Professional Recruiters

September 2, 2015 Posted by: kgoodwin

1) Professional recruiters want to work with clients for a long time. We’re looking to build a relationship/partnership based on trust and understanding. We’re not just looking for a quick deal.

2) Professional recruiters do not play games regarding salaries. Whether someone takes a job at a company for $10K or $100K, the only success is an acceptance of a fair offer – where everyone wins.

3) Professional recruiters do not want to waste anyone’s time, including their own. We seek to work with both clients and candidates who are sincere and have a real need.

4) Professional recruiters can take no for an answer. For whatever reason, if you choose not to or are unable to use our services just politely say so – it’s OK.  Again, no one wants to waste time.