Success with a Search Firm

Our Pledge

HQR will invest the time to understand your business and culture, and represent your company with complete respect and professionalism. HQR will demonstrate these ideals at all phases of the engagement, especially when approaching candidates currently employed by your competitors. In return, all we ask is that you have trust in our operational process. Our reputation is critical to our success and we operate with great integrity.

Most search firms will give you their best effort if they feel they are truly engaged with their client. Provide the recruiter with a thorough job description (hard and soft skills) and let them know you will be looking for results. The more information they know about the search criteria, the better they can target and deliver the best candidate.

It is especially helpful to discuss realistic time expectations for the search, qualification and interview process. Some searches are immediate needs while others are understandably less urgent. Knowing this up front can alleviate the anxiety of a long search for all parties involved. Most candidates get discouraged from an interview process that leaves them waiting and wondering too long: it’s human nature. Good communication will enable recruiters to keep the ‘big fish’ on the hook much more successfully.