Ways to Utilize our Services

  • Contingency:
    • Let us take a load off your desk, but pay only when we deliver.
    • Your options are to let us do all of the work, or use our efforts to augment your own, with ZERO cost for reviewing resumes.
    • Running your own ads, doing your own recruiting, but also reviewing our resumes (those which you do not already have) can only INCREASE the odds that you will find the best person available. Again, there is only a fee when you decide our candidate is the best, and you hire them.
  • Retainer:
    • Completely take the chore off your desk: pay 1/3 of the fee up front, 1/3 upon receiving X amount of qualified resumes, and 1/3 upon a successful hire.

However you use HQR we thoroughly interview and pre-screen all candidates, provide references when appropriate, and make sure they are qualified and prepared to interview with you.