Salesforce UX/UI Developer – Remote

100% remote

Be responsible for creating the user experience for customers engaging with this company via their Salesforce platform. Working closely with the dev and business teams, you will create and implement the front-end design within the Salesforce Portal. As a shared resource you’ll also bring the UI/UX design to other areas of customer interactions and engagements, effectively elevating the customer experience across the company.

Needed skills:

Mastery of web standards, cross-browser behavior and performance

Strong ability to work both within a team and independently

Proven problem-solving and technical communication skills

Excellent organizational skills/ability to prioritize workload to meet tight deadlines

True passion for creating exceptional customer experiences

Experience with continuous integration/development tools and Salesforce Community Development/Configuration experience

Ideal requirements: Bachelor’s degree in IT/related field and 3+ years’ experience developing front-end components.