Systems Analyst

This is a rare opportunity – a career move you may likely find very rewarding and possibly stay with for a long time.

If you would like to be part of a small team and truly make a difference – build better tech solutions, improve efficiencies, be recognized for achievement, be a change agent and improve the bottom line –  contact us and explore all the details.


Requires a love of data, the ability to help develop web applications and a strong interest in being a technical liaison to business teams and the user community. Job duties are quite varied: integrating/mining/analyzing/reporting data, supporting business applications, helping design/build web apps, setting team road maps, being a change agent and being part of a company that anticipates doubling in size within the next 2 years. Your personal/professional growth should greatly improve by making the transition to this company!

  • Hard skills required include a proven understanding and use of SQL and some web dev skills. A Microsoft/Visual Studio skill set is ideal but if you are trained in other SQL-based tools and have the interest/drive to learn you could be an excellent candidate. This job requires the right can-do, positive, collaborative mind set and the ability/desire to learn and grow!