Want your emails read?

November 6, 2019 Posted by: kgoodwin

When people read emails, the first thing they read is the sender’s name The second is the subject line. 
Then based on these two, they’ll either open the email, or they won’t.
When you’re writing to strangers, the first thing they look at – your name – won’t mean anything.
So your title MUST be compelling.  If it isn’t, you’ve virtually no chance
they’ll open it.

Here are three titles that work well …

My favourite: include a mutual contact’s name.
For example, if I’m emailing a lady called Clare and we have a mutual
connection called Jane Smith who said I could use her name in the email,my title is “Clare, Jane Smith suggested I email you to say …”
Clare will probably open this. After all, she wonders what Jane’s been saying!

A second option: if Clare/her company’s been in the press, use that: “Clare, a quick question about the article about you in yesterday’s Timesnewspaper…”
Again, she’ll probably open this. Wouldn’t you?

Third one: include a topic you know she’s likely to be interested in. 

Three good options. All much better than “Meeting request”!

Action Point

Next time you’re emailing a stranger, ensure your title includes a mutualconnection, some recent press about them, or a topic that’ll interest them.

For more tips on how to master this, and other critical techniques, there are hundreds more here: www.andyboundsonline.com