Our Pledge

HQR will invest the time to understand your business and culture, and represent your company with complete respect and professionalism. HQR will demonstrate these ideals at all phases of the engagement, especially when approaching candidates currently employed by your competitors. Our reputation is critical to our success and we operate with great integrity.

Advantages Of A Small, Local Search Firm

When you work with HQR you’ll be speaking with the person who will understand your business, your specific needs, AND the candidates they represent. Larger firms often ‘share’ candidates and your contact at that search firm may not really know the person you are considering.

Consider us a true PARTNER in the search process.  As a hiring manager or HR representative we can make the most important thing you need to do EASIER… and help raise the talent level of your company.

Hire Quality Recruiting - locally owned and operated
  • Personal, flexible and reliable
  • A strong interest in establishing a long-term, healthy relationship
  • A vested interest in helping companies prosper – not just ‘make a placement
  • Not restricted by corporate policies or franchise restrictions
  • When you use a local search firm, you support the local economy

How We Find Candidates

Networking, Networking, Networking!

  • Personal, proactive and targeted searches via numerous methods
  • Local and nationwide searches
  • Referrals from trusted people
  • With 30 years of experience in the local market, people find us!
  • From job and company advertisements

Ways to Utilize Our Services

However you use HQR we thoroughly interview and pre-screen all candidates, provide references when appropriate, and make sure they are qualified and prepared to interview with you.


  • Let us take a load off your desk, but pay only when we deliver.
  • Your options are to let us do all of the work or use our efforts to augment your own, with ZERO cost for engagement and reviewing resumes.
  • Running your own ads, doing your own recruiting, but also reviewing our resumes (those which you do not already have) can only INCREASE the odds that you will find the best person available. Again, there is only a fee when you decide our candidate is the best, and you hire them.


  • Completely take the chore off your desk: pay 1/3 of the fee up front, 1/3 upon receiving X amount of qualified resumes, and 1/3 upon onboarding a new hire.